Shelf Unbound Magazine honors the Michael Neill Adventures

This week I learned that two books in the Michael Neill series, 'Red Sky at Morning', and 'Tempest of Fire', have been named Notable Books in the 'Page Turner' category by Shelf Unbound Magazine.

Shelf Unbound lists the best of small press and independent books in a digital format. Here's the link to the current edition of their online publication:


My Dogfight with Jargon

Military pilots joke that we would fall apart without acronyms and jargon - well, I joke about that.

Aviation has a language of its own. Can you decipher this:

"Ghost 11, Jacksonville Center, descend at pilots discretion, you are cleared BIGGI at or below flight level two-four-zero."

'Trinity Icon' is a contender

'Trinity Icon' is a finalist for's Lime Award for Excellence in Fiction. Today the site posted all five contenders for their 'Mystery, Suspense & Thrillers' category. The third book is up against works by such authors as Lisa Carter, Steven James, Ronie Kendig, and Michael Koryta! The winners will be announced December 13th (I can't look!). Wanna see the finalists for the other categories? Everything from Amish Romance to historical fiction.

What is an airstrike?

What is an airstrike?

In the "Newspeak" of today's media, released by DoD no less, an "airstrike" is what occurs when one air-delivered weapon detonates on the ground. Many of you familiar with the term "airstrike" consider them to be formations of aircraft, one or two dozen aircraft, acting in concert to hit a target or group of aimpoints. "Strike packages" consisting of dozens of "sorties" of individual aircraft are flown against assigned targets over the course of days or weeks.